$10 flat rate carbon neutral, plastic free delivery. Free delivery for orders over $150
$10 flat rate carbon neutral, plastic free delivery. Free delivery for orders over $150
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Our Values

Protecting People

First and foremost, we strive to ensure that the products we use and sell do not exploit the lives of our neighbours in other countries. Fair trade certification is not available for many of the items we stock yet, so we ensure that companies have traceable production lines and can personally state that they are confident with the health, safety and wages of their employees. Where available we will choose the Australian made or Fair Trade option.

Protecting Animals

To ensure our store is truly cruelty free, we only stock vegan items that are not tested on animals. Therefore we do not stock beeswax wraps or cosmetics containing beeswax. We are also 100% palm oil free to prevent deforestation and protect the orangutan population. 

Protecting the Planet

One of the main reasons we founded Waste Not Collective was to provide Australians with high quality, environmentally friendly products. We only choose products that are reusable, recyclable or compostable at the end of their lives. We want to keep everything out of landfill wherever possible. We choose items that are plastic free or have very minimal, recyclable plastic (this will be disclosed in product descriptions).  

We also take into consideration carbon emissions from transport and postage, so choose to only buy from Australian owned companies.  We use Sendle, a carbon neutral, B Corp courier service for the vast majority of our parcels (some rural areas are not covered by Sendle and will be posted via Australia Post).  

Our business is run online to reduce the need for paper and office supplies. All correspondence from us will be received electronically, including invoices and receipts. We only ship in post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes, reused boxes and recycled paper padded bags. We use scrap paper from local primary schools to bulk out our boxes and protect items during shipping. Even our paper tape is compostable. Please reuse what you can before recycling or composting.